Monday, 11 March 2013

Amera terrain

I was looking around for some 40k scenery toi go with my new IG army. I had look at GWs offerings which are very nice but quite pricey (no surprise there). Looking around I came across a company called Amera that supply vac form scenery. Now being Vac form it's not super detailed but for less than £40 I managed to order enough terrain to cover a table (compared to a couple of pieces of GW terrain for the same cost.

Last Friday a big box of stuff turned up ,well packaged as well, from Amera.

   Now you could just paint the Amera stuff but I thought I would add a bit of extra detail. First off I decided to use my home made textured paint (made from floor tile grout, grey emulsion and PVA glue) to make the scenery look less plastic like and then I went to the bits box and added a variety of junk and bitz to match the bases on my new IG models. I then painted they scenery (I use Wickes household paint tester pots as cheap paint for scenery) and added brown and gold grass tufts to finish off. Below are a few pictures of the first few pieces of terrain I've painted so far. I'm very impressed with the Amera products which I think is great budget terrain.


  1. Very nicely done - I'm a big fan of Amera terrain and my table is often pretty much covered with it.

  2. The Amera stuff id spot on, I picked up the river 7+ years ago for the club and its still going strong!