Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Back of beyond - Reds vs Whites

I managed to get down to the club for the first time this year and enjoyed a game of BoB with Jim. Jim's Reds and my Whites dueled it out for six turns but the end of the night saw a draw. Jim's many machine guns caused a lot of casualties to my infantry and cavalry (my cossacks really are useless). While my artillery and armoured train pounded Jim's support assets to dust while leaving his infantry pretty much in tacked.

I forgot to take the camera but Jim has some photos up on his site here


Still not convinced by the contemptible little armies rules, the inability for most units to move and fire makes offensive action pretty much pointless. I do however like the BoB concept so it may be a case of seeing what other rules would work for BoB

Cheers Jon


  1. I use Triumph and Tragedy which are quite amusing. I don't like CLA either!

  2. I use Price of Glory for Back of Beyond or if I want more of a Hollywood flair I use Where Heroes Dare! both by Iron Ivan Games.