Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Chaos Squats for 1st edition 40k

Hi all,
I thought I'd post up pictures of my Last rogue trader army Chaos Squats. Squats where a big part of 1st edition 40K (sadly they are no longer a feature of 40K) so I had to have some. Originally I was going to use Hasslefree's Grym as squats. When I saw Olley's armies psychic Scrunts however I knew I had to go chaos.
So the Coven of Fire was born. I decided to dedicate my squats to the chaos god Tzeentch. The little background story I came with is that the Squats ship was caught in a warp storm and forced to crash land on a daemon world. From there they where corrupted by Tzeentch through the highly psychic living ancestors becoming a coven. Know these squats combine Magic and engineering to build Arcane war machines for the forces of chaos.
I decided to use the psychic scrunts as hearth guard bodyguards for my warlord and the living ancestors (old very psychic squats). Some of them have been converted using bits from my spares box. For my warlord I used Hersey miniatures evil dwarf lord. I was a bit stumped for the rank and file troops for this army until I found Moonfleet miniatures Smoggers with there robes and masks I thought they worked very well as chaos squats.
I decided to give this army sculpted lava flow bases from foundations of war I think it makes a nice change from the earth /grass combo and looks suitable chaotic. At some stage I hope to add some arcane war machines and some bikers to this army but the infantry component is finished.

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  1. Nice Space Dwarfs, especially the converted psychic scrunts. I haven't painted my psychic scrunts yet, but also planned to make them Tzeentchian when I get to them.

    If you're interested in pictures of converted Squats, my army of Khorne Chaos Squats lives at http://chaossquats.blogspot.com/